Songs of Erne Volume 1: Traditional Music from South Donegal and West Fermanagh Book/CD

Jazz Theory for the Pedal Steel Guitarist. Email to order a copy.

Conor Guilfoyle's Odd Meter Clave. Odd Meter Clave for drum set is a unique and original work. Starting with the basics of clave and related patterns, it gradually develops and transforms into odd meter grooves based on the traditional rhythms of Cuba. Book available from

"Rhythmic Reading for Drummers" is the essential guide to understanding rhythmic notation. Starting with the basics and working step by step, until all the common rhythmic patterns have been fully explained. The notation is clearly laid out, complete with with counting methods and exercises for each example. Book available from

Creative Rhythmic Concepts for Jazz Improvisation by Ronan Guilfoyle. What is Metric modulation? Metric modulation is the modulation of the original metre, either upwards to a faster tempo or downwards to a slower tempo, using a subdivision of the original pulse to decide the speed of the modulation. The mechanics of the process are as follows: 1) Subdivide the original pulse into smaller or larger pulses. 2) Reorganise these pulses into regular groupings, so that the impression of a new tempo or metre is created.Book available from

Precision Timing for All Instruments: The Ultimate Rhythm Workout, Book & CD. Precision is the focus of this book of exercises. With more than 80 exercises on rhythm and meter, Mike Nielsen lays the groundwork for an intensive rhythmic training, from the timing of eighth notes to metric modulation, so precise playing even in compound meters is guaranteed. The CD contains illustrative audio examples and demo tracks with metronome. To order a copy email Mike Nielsen at

Bordertown Blues: The Story of a Forgotten Part of Ireland. Whilst the book focuses primarily on the cultural and socio-economic impact of partition, it also examines the musical history of the region and its cross-community legacy. (email for more details)